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A Czech company specializing in purifying drinking water in war zones will begin its operations in Ukraine under the umbrella of the SynergiFactory! Česká firma, která čistí pitnou vodu ve válečných oblastech, otevře závod na Ukrajině

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Česká Dekonta letos otevře závod na Ukrajině |

The Czech remediation company Dekonta Holding, through its subsidiary IPR Aqua, is gearing up to launch a factory in Stryi, western Ukraine. This move is targeted at producing mobile water treatment devices, a critical response to the environmental damage wrought by the ongoing war in Ukraine, particularly the devastation to local water systems due to Russian bombings. The initiative seeks to mitigate the dire need for potable water, especially in conflict-affected areas, underscoring a broader commitment to Ukraine’s environmental and infrastructural rehabilitation.

At the heart of Dekonta’s venture into Ukraine is its collaboration with Time & Space Ukraine , an established premium manufacturing service partner based in Stryi. Time & Space is at the forefront of efforts to form a cluster of Czech cooperative companies in western Ukraine through its innovative SynergiFactory business model. This initiative aims to catalyze the post-war reconstruction of the country by pooling resources and expertise from Czech enterprises.

Michaela Macharik, CEO and co-owner of Time & Space, has been instrumental in facilitating this collaboration.

Macharik shared, "Dekonta, or rather its subsidiary IPR Aqua, is the first Czech company that we managed to bring under our roof. We will provide her with production and warehouse infrastructure, legal services, HR services, and help in communication with the customs administration."

Her vision extends beyond this initial partnership, as she added,

These statements reflect a strategic and hopeful outlook on the role of Czech businesses in aiding Ukraine's recovery from war-induced challenges.

The collaboration between Time & Space and Dekonta’s IPR Aqua symbolizes a significant step towards realizing the SynergiFactory project’s objectives. By providing comprehensive support services, Time & Space is not only bolstering IPR Aqua’s operational capabilities but also setting a precedent for future Czech-Ukrainian corporate partnerships. Macharik’s remarks encapsulate the optimism and proactive stance of Czech enterprises towards contributing to Ukraine’s long-term reconstruction and resilience.

Pavel Mothejl, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dekonta Holding, elucidated the rationale behind the collaboration with Time & Space, emphasizing the strategic alignment and mutual benefits it brings.

Mobil water cleaning device - which will be produced in Stryi
(C) Mobil water cleaning device - which will be produced in Stryi
Mothejl stated, "Our decision to collaborate with Time & Space was driven by their profound understanding of the Ukrainian market and their established presence in the region. This partnership offers us invaluable local insights and operational support, enabling us to effectively address the urgent environmental challenges in Ukraine."

He further highlighted the synergies between the two companies,

"Time & Space's expertise and resources complement our technological solutions, creating a robust framework for our joint venture. Their assistance in navigating legal and administrative hurdles significantly accelerates our mission to provide clean water solutions in Ukraine."

Mothejl’s comments shed light on the strategic considerations and optimistic outlook underpinning the partnership, showcasing a shared commitment to fostering sustainable development and resilience in Ukraine amidst challenging circumstances.

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