Fri, Feb, 2023

Review – One year successful production under the war regime!

As the co-founder and COO of Time & Space Ukraine, I am thrilled to report that our company has successfully navigated a year of production under challenging war conditions in Ukraine. Despite the obstacles, our team has risen to the challenge and delivered exceptional results.

We have faced significant disruptions, with automotive clients reducing orders by up to 70%, while home appliance clients continued to take risks and order from us. Our team had to solve a range of obstacles, including sheltering workers during air raids, organizing special transportation for workers and installing independent electricity infrastructure.

We operated with curfew restrictions, limiting production to only 1.5 shifts per day. However, our workers are happy to have work, and this has significantly increased morale and productivity, with no illnesses or unpaid holidays.

30% of our male workers left our company most of them voluntarily to fight the Russians, while 25% of our female employees fled abroad with their families.

The Ukrainian government, did adjust the labor law during this war time, which allowed us to work more flexibly, adjusting schedules and working days with no double payments for additional working days like Saturdays or Sundays.

Despite these challenges, we have reshaped and adjusted our organizational process flows to ensure normal and stable operation. The development of the EUR Hryvna exchange rate helped us to compensate for the high inflation rate of 25%, so we were able to adjust the salaries of our employees accordingly.

All of these changes and adjustments contributed to a incredible 15% decrease in the company’s overall cost framework.

We are proud to offer our contract manufacturing service now for a standard assembly operation for not more than 5.50 EUR per hour, following strictly IAFT and ISO 9001 standards.

We – the owners of Time& Space Ukraine (Michalea Macharik & Markus Ciupek) firmly believe that creating job opportunities in Ukraine is just as important as sending weapons to fight against the Russian invaders. The ongoing war in Ukraine has caused significant damage to the country’s economy and has resulted in the loss of many jobs. Our organisation and we are recognizing the responsible role in creating job opportunities and contributing to the country’s peaceful future.

We are committed to providing safe and stable work environments for our employees, even during difficult times. Time & Space Ukraine is ready to help other businesses looking to establish operations in Ukraine and is equipped to offer contract manufacturing services at competitive rates.

If you are looking to establish production in Ukraine or need contract manufacturing services, Time & Space Ukraine is ready to help. Contact the us to learn more about our services and how we can assist your business.

Only by working together, we can help Ukraine build a safe and prosperous future.

Help in creating employment opportunities in Ukraine!


Markus Ciupek
Co-Owner & Executive

(C) Author
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