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Welcome to Time & Space Ukraine, your premier contract manufacturing partner, established in 2015 with a focus on innovation, agility, efficiency, and excellence. Our mission is to efficiently provide production capacities within your value chain, allowing you to focus on your core business and increase your competitiveness. We utilize our extensive know-how in people management and manufacturing to develop distinct service offerings designed to save you TIME and SPACE while adapting to dynamic market demands.

Our unique approach, named SynergiFactory™, enables us to perfectly adjust our services to our clients’ needs, making Time & Space an essential business partner for companies seeking to reap the benefits of outsourcing. Our professional team offers experience in assembly for interior plastic parts, wire harness assembly, leather wrapping, leather sewing, and injection molding. Moreover, we offer customized assembly of products and the operation of their service centre and distribution hub for the Ukrainian market.

Join us at Time & Space and experience the difference in outsourcing excellence, tailored to your unique needs and designed to foster your business’s success.

SynergiFactory™ is our innovative business solution designed to offer medium-sized companies the ability to access cost-effective manufacturing and/or product-related services advantages typically reserved for large corporations.

It’s a flexible approach that allows the creation and management of strategic manufacturing and service partnerships for multiple partners under one roof. SynergiFactory™ is unlocking substantial cost-saving potential of up to 50% for our partners by pooling resources and expertise across numerous partners.

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Innovative Business Solution

the Innovative business model

Operating the complete manufacturing process on behalf of our partner, under our name and responsibility.
Establishing a manufacturing organization under our partner’s brand and operating it on their behalf.
Operating a service organisation under our partner’s brand or our name.

Key Elements of SynergiFactory™

Flexible & Scalable
Manufacturing Solutions
All-Inclusive Customized
Manufacturing Services
Economies of
Scale and Scope
Export/Import Processes
Optimized Supply
Chain Collaboration
Market Entry
You can use our 360° services or select the ones that suit your convenience.
Innovative business model

Advantages of SynergiFactory™

Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation
By leveraging a comprehensive understanding of the Ukrainian market, SynergiFactory™ significantly mitigates operational and legal risks for businesses entering this space. Expert guidance through the nuances of local laws and market dynamics ensures a safer and more informed entry strategy.
Flexible & Scalable Manufacturing Solutions
Flexible & Scalable Manufacturing Solutions
Recognizing the dynamic nature of business, SynergiFactory™ offers adaptable manufacturing solutions. Partners can start small and scale operations in response to market demand, ensuring efficiency and sustainability of production.
All-Inclusive Customized Manufacturing Services
All-Inclusive Customized Manufacturing Services
SynergiFactory™ stands out by offering a full spectrum of manufacturing services tailored to the unique needs of each partner. From overseeing daily manufacturing processes to managing logistics and compliance, it provides a comprehensive, hassle-free manufacturing experience.
Economies of Scale and Scope
Economies of Scale and Scope
The pooling of resources across various manufacturing activities allows SynergiFactory™ to achieve significant economies of scale and scope. This strategic sharing of infrastructure and personnel leads to cost reductions and enhances operational efficiency for all partners.
Collaborative Approach
Collaborative Approach
A key principle of SynergiFactory™ is fostering a collaborative ecosystem among partners. This approach encourages knowledge sharing and innovation, leading to enhanced competitiveness and efficiency, benefiting all involved parties.
Simplifying Export/Import Processes
Simplifying Export/Import Processes
Through the integration of the Time&Space Czech entity, SynergiFactory™ simplifies the complexities of export \ import processes. This is particularly advantageous for navigating the challenges posed by Ukraine & non-EU status, facilitating smoother cross-border trade.
Optimized Supply Chain Collaboration
Optimized Supply Chain Collaboration
By coordinating the transportation needs of its partners, SynergiFactory™ optimizes logistics and reduces costs. This collaborative effort ensures that even small shipments are cost-effective, without compromising on delivery timelines.
Faster Market Entry
Faster Market Entry
SynergiFactory™ accelerates the process of entering new markets or expanding within them by leveraging pre-established infrastructure and local expertise. This strategic advantage allows partners to rapidly seize market opportunities with minimal lead time.

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Unveil the Potential of Cost-Efficiency with SynergiFactory™

"The art of high-quality manufacturing at lower costs isn’t a myth – it’s our reality. Step into an era of smart, strategic, and sustainable manufacturing in Ukraine.”

Arguments for Time&Space

Secure European Business Partnership
The headquarters of Time&Space is located in the Czech Republic, Brno. As a contractual partner of our services, doing business with us is easy and secure – just like conducting regular business within the European Union – while benefiting from highly competitive labor costs in Ukraine.
Experienced Ukrainian Management Team
Our multilingual Ukrainian Management team boasts extensive expertise, having previously worked at renowned companies such as LEONI, FUJIKURA, HÄFELE, MONDI, YAZAKI, SHELL, and PRETTL. Their experience enables them to establish and manage production processes while upholding the highest quality standards, making our company a reliable and proficient business partner you can trust.
Ideal Production Plant Location
Our production plant is strategically located in Stryi, Ukraine, just 120 km from the Polish border and 200 km from the Hungarian border. This prime location ensures fast transportation times for our Western European clients. A round trip to our current partners in Germany, Hungary, or Poland takes no more than 5 days.
Competitive and Transparent Pricing
We offer competitive pricing and transparent proposals by leveraging the advantages of economies of scope and scale. Our ability to provide cost-effective outsourcing services is based on competitive salaries and infrastructure costs in Ukraine. Furthermore, our commitment to fostering innovation and continuously improving processes through the systematic application of lean manufacturing techniques allows us to deliver significant cost savings for your business.
Rapid Establishment of Production Capacities
We have a proven track record of quickly establishing production capacities and meeting timelines to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Ramp-up of production capacities for 100 workers is possible within 3 months. With over 4000 sqm of ready production space, we can swiftly install the required production infrastructure for our new partners. We work closely with our local suppliers and manufacturers to ensure fast installation.
Uncompromised Quality Focus
A 100% quality focus in business and production processes is not just a buzzword; it is firmly anchored in our organization. We hold certifications according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF.

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Join us at Time & Space and experience the difference in outsourcing excellence, tailored to your unique needs and designed to foster your business's success.

Who stands behind

Michaela Macharik, MSc.
  • 17 years of experience as a consultant in organizational development projects, mainly for international automotive companies with production facilities in the Czech Republic.
  • Expert in sourcing executive, management, and senior specialized positions within the automotive, aircraft, machinery, and food industries, with over 500 completed projects.
  • Responsible for the successful placement of more than 7,000 Ukrainian workforces in production plants in the Czech Republic (since 2017).
  • Living and working in Ukraine – Lviv region for the past 7 years.
  • Native Czech&Slovak speaker, fluent in English, and conversational in German, French, and Ukrainian.
Markus Ciupek, Dr.-Ing.
  • 25 years of international work experience in the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Poland, and Ukraine within large corporations and mid-sized companies as Managing Director, Plant Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Kaizen Manager.
  • Since 2013, working as an Interim Manager on MD and Plant Manager assignments.
  • Experience in manufacturing/production of airbags, armrests, car lock systems, clock springs, headrests, injection molded interior parts, seat belts, steering wheels, sunroofs, and wood processing machines Living and working in Ukraine – Lviv region for the past 7 years.
  • Native German speaker, fluent in English and Polish, and conversational in Czech and Ukrainian.
Guiding principles

Our Values

Our mission
To deliver exceptional contract manufacturing services that seamlessly integrate into our customers and value chains, providing access to cost-efficient markets while mitigating investment and risk challenges. We are committed to driving success and growth for our partners through our dedication to innovation, excellence, and superior quality in every aspect of our services.
Our vision
To establish Time & Space as Europe`s premier contract manufacturing partner, renowned for innovation, efficiency, excellence, and unwavering quality in fostering collaborative manufacturing ecosystems that empower medium-sized businesses to excel in their respective markets.

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Service Provision under the current Situation in Ukraine – status April 2023
How did affect the war your business?

To deliver exceptional contract manufacturing services that seamlessly integrate into our customers and value chains, providing access to cost-efficient markets while mitigating investment and risk challenges. We are committed to driving success and growth for our partners through our dedication to innovation, excellence, and superior quality in every aspect of our services.

How safe is it to do business in your location?

Our production plant is situated in the western part of Ukraine, 1000 km away from Kyiv and 1500 km away from the war front. Since the beginning of the conflict, our region has experienced only a few rocket attacks, which were strictly targeted at infrastructure objects. Our region is safe! Business and life continue in a normal manner.

How did affect the war your business?

We have experienced significant disruptions as automotive clients reduced orders by 50-70%, while home appliance clients maintained and even expanded their product portfolios and orders with us. This clearly demonstrates that industries evaluate the current risks in Ukraine differently, leading to diverse responses in their operations. Recently, Nestlé and Bayer Corporation announced their support for their operations in Ukraine with several millions of euros of inverstmetns.

How has the production been influenced?

Our team has had to overcome several challenges, including providing shelter for workers during air raids, organizing special transportation for workers, and installing independent electricity infrastructure. We have been operating under curfew restrictions, which limited production to only 1.5 shifts per day. However, our workers are grateful for the opportunity to work, and this has significantly boosted morale and productivity, with no illnesses or unpaid leave. 30% of our male workers left our company, most of them voluntarily, to fight the Russians, while 25% of our female employees fled abroad with their families. During this wartime, the Ukrainian government adjusted the labor laws, allowing us to work more flexibly, modifying schedules and working days without having to pay double for additional workdays like Saturdays or Sundays. Currently, we can operate mostly without any restrictions.

How secure is the transportation of goods?

We are currently working with our clients in Germany, Poland, and Hungary by picking up raw materials at their locations and delivering the finished products to them. This round trip from the client's location to Stryi, Ukraine, and back takes on average between 3-6 days.

How does this situation affect competitiveness?

Despite these challenges, we have restructured and adapted our organizational process flows to ensure normal and stable operation. The development of the EUR-Hryvnia exchange rate has helped us compensate for the high inflation rate of 25%, allowing us to adjust our employees' salaries accordingly. All of these changes and adjustments have led to an incredible 15% decrease in the company's overall cost framework. We are proud to offer our contract manufacturing service now for a standard assembly operation at no more than 6.00 EUR per hour, while strictly adhering to IATF and ISO 9001, 14001 standards.

How did the attack on the electricity infrastructure affect your operation?

The attack by the Russian aggressor on the electricity infrastructure during winter 2023 caused numerous power outages, even in our region. To become independent, we decided to purchase and install a generator with enough capacity to operate the entire plant. Since mid-February 2023, the situation has normalized, and we are no longer experiencing power outages.

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